day moon
The gibbous Moon will be visible for much of evening and through to around dawn, and will transit during the few hours after midnight.

Just above the midpoint of the terminator, the last remnant of the Mare Crisium appears as a smooth bite taken out of the Moon's edge.

Atlas & Hercules North-west of Crisium, class 1 Macrobius appears as a sharp circle. About two Humorum lengths northwards, at about the same distance in from the terminator, class 5 Atlas and its close neighbour to the west, class 1 Hercules, making a final appearance together, also show strongly.

Mare Fecunditatis The larger dark area to the south of the Mare Crisium is the Mare Fecunditatis. At its north-west, where it merges with the Mare Tranquillitatis, stands class 5 Taruntius. Its flooded floor matches the surrounding dark Mare, so it appears as a thin, bright ring. At roughly the same distance from the terminator and about one Humorum length south from the southern edge of Fecunditatis is class 1 Santbech, and continuing south much the same distance again is the similarly sized class 1 Rheita. The south-west quadrant of its rim partly obliterates a long, irregular gouge which curves south-east towards the terminator. This is the Rheita Valley. It has a strange shape, and is now generally thought to be a series of craters which have run together.