three day
Tonight's crescent Moon should be easily seen during the early evening, in the west. The whole of the Mare Crisium is now visible to the north of the midpoint of the terminator, and although its contrast with the surrounding highlands is still due to improve considerably over the nights to come, those to the west are in sharp relief.

Cleomedes Just to the north is the class 5 crater Cleomedes, beyond which, by roughly its length, is the smaller class 1 Geminus, both very prominent. The walled plain Messala to the north of Crisium by about one length, is now fully revealed, but has already lost contrast since last night. Roughly two lengths to the north of Crisium lies the sharp circle of class 5 Endymion. As the nights pass, its smooth floor will darken to resemble the Maria, making it very distinctive.

Petavius & Furnerius To the south of the Mare Crisium, the eastern end of the Mare Fecunditatis has come into view. Set into the middle of its rim, the first of a series of similarly sized, prominent craters is now fully revealed: class 1 Langrenus. To its south, separated by roughly its width, is the cratered ring of walled plain Vendelinus. Another two Langrenus widths to the south lies class 5 ring mountain Petavius, with its impressive multiple central peaks, and finally three Langrenus widths south again is another walled plain, class 3 Furnerius, which in a little over a week will be completely outclassed by its tiny neighbour to the south, Furnerius A.